Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yummy Plant

I guess it all started with Heuchera 'Amber Waves'; a yellow and tan heuchera that winter killed in gardens all over the country. However, since that dud, Terra Nova Nurseries has been on a roll with their heuchera introductions. I'm especially taken with the similarly coloured series of heuchera hybrids that seem to all be named by a chowhound, as they are all named after food or drink. This is Heuchera 'Peach Flambe' which is just yummy all the way around; nice name and nice plant (I have it planted next to Heuchera 'Creme Brulee').... I think I'm hungry.

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Somebody in marketing got the bright idea to combine food with plants - it's working (Dolce Peach Melba, Tiramisu...). I love all these new Heucheras, I just wish I had room for them all.
Volunteering at a recent plant sale, my info table was positioned right next to the Heucheras--which was great as I love them all. I noticed the same thing about foody names. They had the peach flambe and creme brulee as well as a Caramel. Yum!
~ Monica
And there's Ginger Ale, too! Now I'm thirsty, too...
~ Monica
I have Caramel... probably because I can't eat them right now! ha. Is there a Chocolate? ;-) (I can handle that!)

I like the heucheras... and the heucherellas, and the tiarellas. Right now, I'm liking my UMbrellas! :-)
And i just got whiskey sour, which I'm really liking so far. I'm the same; I love them all!
My 'Amber Waves' wintered over here this year! I didn't even know it wasn't supposed to. LOL.

I've got 'Peach Flambe' too, and isn't that color just the most luscious?

I'm liking 'Ginger Ale' quite a bit, too. I got a new one just this week called 'Southern Comfort.' Large leaves, color similar to 'Peach Flambe' although not as intense.
Kylee... Ginger Ale i've not seen. I just got Whiskey Sour, which is unusual.
Now I've not heard of Whiskey Sour! Have to look it up......
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