Saturday, May 03, 2008

So Many Hosta Choices...

I have always thought Hosta 'Fire Island', when it first emerges, is just about unreal; it's hard to imagine more astonishing foliage... unless it's Hosta 'Remember Me'. The latter hosta (a sport of the famous 'June') certainly wins on pulling your heartstrings; it is named after Sandy DeBoer, an employee of Walters Garden, who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2001. A portion of the royalty for this patented plant is donated to the Susan Konen Breast Cancer Foundation.
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Beautiful hostas! Liberty takes a prize in my garden! I'm taking posts as it unfurls. :-)
I chose yellow/golden accent colors for my Hosta shade garden a few years ago. It does light up the shade. These in your photos have outstanding color.
oops! I meant I'm taking photos as it unfurls! Usually the yellowish hostas take a little more sun. Where do you have these located? I have a spot that only a more "adventuresome" hosta could venture. ;-)
Isn't that an astonishing color! Wow.
Shady... Do you have Patriot? Wow, is that a stunning hosta. My hostas get high shade, with a fair amount of morning sun. I've limbed up all the tall shade trees.

Barbee... As I go along, I like the 'yellow" hostas more and more just for that reason.

Sally... it is, to me, totally unreal. If only you could get that degree of yellow in the middle of a blue hosta leaf!
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