Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Snakeshead Progress Report

Just a little followup... A few years ago (ancient history in the blog world), I showed a Fritillary meleagris with an unusual flower; rather than the typical tight bell, the flower was more open, with very heavy, leathery substance to the petals, and a more pronounced "snakeskin" pattern. This particular bulb seems to continue blooming "true", as shown at top, with a typical meleagris shown below.
There are named clones of Fritillaria meleagris sold commercially; the ones I've seen offered are all named after mythological figures (Mars, Aphrodite, Jupiter, Saturnus). My bulb isn't special enough to make me think it's anywhere close to being worth naming, but I like it.
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I like it too, and that gingham/snakeskin pattern is just so striking!
Well, I think she is plenty special. I have never seen anything quite like her. Very pretty.
I like these, too. I'd put them on my "wish list," but... maybe next year. ;-)
Hold on! I posted last Fall that I'd planted some fritillaria. Now... Where(?)is the big question! (Are yours growing now? I think they're supposed to be...) Hmmmm
Nancy & Lisa... I'm surprised they're not more popular, because they are really striking, and they multiply.

shady... the pictures of them blooming were just taken. Fritillaries are all pretty early, so should be blooming or have bloomed by now for the most part. I've got just a couple that have yet to bloom, but but they're close.
Don, thanks for reminding me about this one ... it's been on my wish list for several years. Will have to order a few of these, because I think they'd look good w/F. michalovskii of which our few are dwindling. We're going to have replace our F. imperialis and F. Persica since they didn't reappear this year after being frozen off last year ... even more victims, along with over half of our tulips...
IVG... meleagris is a much more persistent (mine multiply) fritillary than mich.

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