Thursday, May 29, 2008

Slipper Days

These golden, crystal clear days in May are lady's slipper days in our garden. In a shady back ravine, Cypripedium Gisela is blooming, with its burgundy sepals and blushed pouch. This is a hybrid between our native parviflorum and the Asiatic macranthos. It is one of the easiest and most vigorous hybrid slippers for the garden; my original tiny baby plant is starting to grow into a nice clump.
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Those are truly beautiful! You are really lucky to get to see those in person. Do you have really nice garden centers there or do you mail order these plants? Wow.
gardenista... we have a couple pf nice garden centers here, but not that nice; essentially everything I plant these days is mailorder (I'm getting to the point where I only need the uncommon stuff).
I believe it! (But what a wonderful treat.) :-) These are beautiful, too.
Oh boy, Don. You are making me seriously drool...
That Ladyslipper is stunning! I'm still to afraid to try them. It would be too crushing to have them die on me.
Shady, Kylee, and MMD... they are getting easier to grow, but I admit they still scare me, too.

Uh oh, now I'm getting intimidated after those last few comments! I can see now when we finally make the leap to ladyslippers, I'll need to be doing a lot of research first! Of course, this will be one of my first destinations to greater knowledge. :-)♠
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