Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Really Different Primrose

I'm not sure it's exactly beautiful, but the Gold Lace strain of polyanthus is certainly striking. This type of primrose dates back over 350 years, and continued breeding produced a wide variety of clones that became all the rage in Victorian England. They fell out of popularity, but are now being sold frequently as potted plants to grow and throw. Apparently hardiness is suspect in many of the plants, but mine seems as hardy as any polyanthus (polyanthus refers to multiple flowers on each stem, a legacy of two of the common wild primroses of the British countryside; Primula elatior (the oxlip) and Primula veris (the cowslip).

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Oh, that really IS striking! As I've commented before, I love primroses especially for their vibrant color. This one is a real winner!
I love that. I don't think those plants would do that well for me. But that tempts me.
Well, it is striking, that's for sure! The beautiful jury's still out for me, but if I did have it and it did well for me, it would likely grow on me too ... Actually such a long history as a recognized cultivar would probably tip the balance in its favor for me, as I love the really old fashioned varieties of most flowers and heirlooms. Ok, if I ran across one, yep, I'd buy it!
Nancy... it always draws comment from visitors.

eal... they are a little touchier than most primroses.

IVG... there are still many varieties of these sold in Great Britain. Over here... ehhhh.

You're zone 5 - right? I don't think we have primulas (at least not as many as you do) up here in zone 4. I wish we did. This plant is totally cool.
Sally... you can grow more primroses than I can (it's our summer heat that gets most of them).

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