Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Primula Kingston Twilight

Primula Kingston Twilight is said to be derived from the Cowichan strain of primroses, which are known for their deep, pure colors and small yellow eyes. I've had the impression the Cowichans aren't too keen on hot summers like ours (this strain of primrose originated on Vancouver Island), but Kingston Twilight (which, with its large foliage I suspect has a lot of Primula vulgaris in it), seems easy here, rapidly growing into a lusty plant which I will divide next spring. The flowers are deep blue and purple, making me think of a fine velvet evening gown. I never pass this plant in flower without stopping to admire it.
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Primroses do have such bright, vibrant colors. This is lovely and does look like a velvet gown, indeed.
Don, this is exactly the color we've been searching for to add to our little patch. Is this variety easily found, and if so where? We've tried various blues that we've found in the floral shops over the years but they never make it more than 2 years before giving up the ghost ... this one is absolutely luscious! Evening gown indeed!
Now when I think or see primula, I think of you! Is this in your new primula bed that you constructed last fall? Someday, I'm going to try these. Have you seen the Primula hybrid "Francesca?" It's Gorgeous!
Nancy... I love the deep colred primroses.

IVG... I got mine from Heronswood.

Shady... actually this one is pretty tough, so is just in a regular bed. I do have Francesca, which is really a good grower.

Thanks, Don. Good to know it's tough and it sounds like it would fit in well with our little clump. Heronswood, huh? Not terribly impressed with them (despite Martha Stewart's raves about them), since every time we've tried to order, they confirm it and then tell us about a week later, nope, no can do. Thus, we have nothing from them after about 3 attempts.
IVG... the new H delivers better than the old (but has a lot fewer plants).

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