Sunday, May 04, 2008

Primroses In The Tank

A lot of primroses (well, actually all of them) don't like our hot, dry summers. it's not uncommon to find them shriveled up in the beating sun like a tiny balloon when you let all the air out of it. Therefore I'm trying something new this year; a buried plastic stock tank, with a drainage hole at the bottom, and very porous, well-draining soil... not quite like a cool, rushing stream which the primroses would prefer, but we'll hope for the best; here are Primula denticulata (the drumstick primrose) and Primula frondosa (a small primrose from the mountains of Bulgaria) tucked in the tub, waiting, waiting for summer to come.
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How inventive - I hope it works
I remember your post from last fall. Please share your progress on this venture! (I still plan to head your way sometime... probably in June?)
How adorable!
I remember the tank.
I can't wait to see the tankful of primroses in summer.
You will show us. Won't you?
More delightful flowers! I looked at primroses with an envious eye at the nursery today, but left them behind until I have a place I know they'll love. :)
I really like that P. denticulata you have! Does it thrive/want pretty much what basic Primulas need in terms of soil, moisture and sun? I tried all sorts of Primulas over the years and was constantly disappointed that most just perished in the hot summer months. Finally I just got a nice mix of P. polyanthus which has done very well in the three years where I have them planted. What was once 5 small plants has expanded into about 8 at this point, and they are just starting to bloom, so I'm a happy camper now, even if they are some of the 'poor cousins' to the other primroses.

Keep us posted on how your experiment works out. For now, I just remember to water this area (a small bed by the front steps under the porch overhang) religiously in the drier months and that seems to be doing the trick for these guys.
Patient... I REALLY like denticulata, and that's the one I want to succeed.

Shady... just let me know what works for you.

Delighted...if it doesn't work, I'll post a picture with a black border!

Nancy... they are definitely fussy about where they grow.

IVG... denticulata really doesn't like the heat. I've kept them going for up to five years, then they just disappear.

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