Friday, May 23, 2008

Primrose Hunk

Flower catalogs tend to be, shall we say, generous in describing the size of flowers and the vigor and other attributes of the plants themselves... rather like some proud parents touting their seemingly fairly average offspring. However, when Ellen of Seneca Hills Perennials describes Primula sieboldii 'Seneca Star' as having large flowers (with white stars) and vigorous foliage, she's almost understating. This is either a primrose on steroids or a tetraploid. It's just big; the petal substance is very thick, and the foliage is very large and much darker green and heavy compared to my other sieboldii cultivars. I will say the foliage of this plant might even be a bit coarse, but that's a quibble. I suspect this plant is going to form a large clump very rapidly (it's already giving a nudge to the cute little Japanese maple its growing under). It should be fairly spectacular.
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I believe you are the expert on Primroses! I will be seeking your advice someday. :-)

Did I ever ask you if you have Primula "Francesca?" It is pictured on the cover of van B's Spring 2008 catalog. It's gorgeous (if you like green blossoms with yellow centers)!
Like I said, "Someday..."
shady... I do have Francisca; in the garden, it's.... ugly? It just looks like a primula that's already bloomed to me, but I'll give it a couple of years. It's the only primrose I've ever seen that I've thought about digging up.
I'm sorry to hear about this primrose. The very close-up photo makes it look very enticing. Well... perhaps I won't get this one, after all! ;-)
Shady... I'm pretty disappointed so far (I like green flowers).
Hi folks, I'll have to look at that catalogue (VB's inundates me w/them), but if Don says it's disappointing, I'd heed his sage advice.

Shady, we were lucky enough to find 2 good sized, splendid Pulmonarias at Hy Vee today and snapped them up, along with another Ligularia dentata ('Desdemona'). If you don't have that one, I'd highly recommend it for your place.
IVG... Maybe I can still post a picture of Francisca, but it is just a cypher from six feet away.
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