Thursday, May 22, 2008

The K Mart Fine Nursery

Most of our tree peonies in the garden have no name tags, for they were purchased at the end of the gardening season closeout sale at K Mart, each overgrown, straggly plant struggling to still stay upright in its cheap cardboard box, simply labeled "Tree Peony", and bearing the handsome price of $4.00 (this was a few years ago). I suppose I could put some fanciful name on them, like "Waves Breaking Over Red Heron", but heck, I just call them all "K Mart Special"
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I'd buy a tree peony for $4.00! Don't blame you a bit, other than not having been there when you scooped up those! We're looking to add one or two of them this year, so maybe we should be haunting K-Mart, eh?

I'd say you were very lucky!
IVG... you know, I don't know that I see those cheap perennials in boxes like they used to sell; the tree peonies came in from Japan or China for just a few bucks, and they were just as good as the big bucks ones, but they took a few years to get going.

I would never had thought tree peonies were hardy enough to survive in Iowa.
Niels... I used to grow them with no problem in northern Iowa 4b.
Do tree peony really get tree-like?

This one is fabulous. I have been thinking about buying one.
Sylvana... well shrub-like, at least in Iowa.
Now that's what I call a bargain!
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