Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Epimedium Salesman

Allow me to introduce myself... I am the epimedium salesman, here to convince you to fill your garden with a host of these lovely plants, each one with unusual foliage and distinctive flowers. Look at how different these four plants are from each other (starting at the top: 'Around Midnight', 'Yokihi', sutchuenense, and perrulchicum 'Wisley').
Warning: this is just a tiny sample of what this genus has to offer.
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I thought for SURE I'd have epimedium in my group of items to plant! So far, I've not run across it... and when I ordered, I placed an order for corydalis instead. Now, I think these are very cute, too. And I believe I've seen you post on them, also.

I will continue to ponder adding one more new variety this year!!!
Love them Mr Salesman! They are gorgeous! Your photos are good, too. My catalog from Darrell arrived, Do you know of Darrell? He's a plant collector as in he goes to China etc to find them! Fabulous epimediums! I can give you the email address etc but I don't want to leave it here unless you want it.

clay and limestone
Sold! I'll take one of each.
If I wanted to go bankrupt, I'd get Darrel Probst's catalogue too! I've managed to limit myself to only 2 varieties so far, but it is so tempting, I really want 'Harold Epstein'...and 'Merlin'...and 'Purple Prince'...
Shady... to me, epimediums are quite addicting; there are so many kinds!

Gail... I've seen Probst's online photo page (I know a lot of my epis are originally from him).

eal... um, now you gotta see the other sixty kinds.

MMD... Purple Prince is a REALLY nice one.

WOW, I think the goal of Don's blog is really to bankrupt us unsuspecting gardeners and connoisseurs of intriguing plants! Heckuva salesman, indeed! Those first two are going to be sincere objects of my plant lust from now on! I've been working on catching up with you (which I never will) on the Tricyrtis varieties, and now I have to go on a quest for Epimediums!
IVG... well it's good for the economy. Besides, you've got a check coming :o)
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