Monday, May 26, 2008

An Epimedium Beauty

Epimediums are one of the specialties of our garden, with many different cultivars, but this one really stands out; it's labeled Epimedium wushanense hybrid, though it seems to be very close to the original species. Now the species wushanense is endemic to the Wushan Mountains in Sichuan, near the Three Gorges Dam; an area of the world unfortunately much in the news lately. I have another apparent wushanense hybrid called Caramel which has such tiny little, spidery flowers that I haven't been able to get a focused picture of it... I must drag the camera back out to the garden today before it rains and take another crack at it.

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That Epimedium salesman has been working overtime again, I see! This is another lovely one to fuel my mounting envy to get some of these in our woodland area. Interesting you liken them to spiders,where I see (and w/previous ones too) flying jester's hats, lol. All in the eye, I guess.
IVG... I like calling them fairy wings (barrenwort sure doesn't do anything for me).
I love epimediums and have a couple different ones. I know one is E. rubra, but the other one came from my mom (she didn't like it!) and she didn't know which one it was.
Kylee... rubra is a good one.
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