Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't Wake This Robin!

Trillium foetidissimum is native to a small region of the deep south; rich, old forests on either side of the lower Mississippi River in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. It is called the Mississipppi River trillium or stinking wake robin. It's a beautiful thing, with deeply silvered, mottled leaves and a dark maroon flower.
In spite of its ominous name, I'd never smelled a thing, so the other day I stuck my nose right down in the flower... WOOF! Imagine a dead mouse wearing unwashed gym socks.

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Oh, My! Too funny! It is definitely a lovely trillium... Looks like our toadshade trillium with a crossbite! ;-)
Hmm, we might have to go look for some of these, not only because they're lovely, but because they live up to their foetid assignation. We already are adding more stinky arums, so why not these in the same area? We've already decided to order one of the 'Red Wake Robins' and this looks to be a nice companion to it and the others we already have.
Ah, a favorite of mine! I have a couple in the backyard (but have never attempted to smell them, and after reading your experience I probably never will). :)
Shady... you know, it's so surprising that this trillium from the deep south is perfectly hardy here!

IVG... the red wake robin is nice (and easy).

day-lab blog... oh come on (they only stink when they first flower and only when it's warm, in my limited experience.

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