Saturday, May 24, 2008

Come For A Walk...

Come for a little garden walk with me...
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Do you know the name of that hosta? It's a beauty.
Ann... Great expectations
I love the lush green textures and pretty spring blooms on your woodland walk. Your lady slippers look lovely. How long do they usually bloom for?
Ns... depending on the weather, 2-3 weeks.
Don, Great Expectations is aptly named. My oldest hosta plants are now 4 years old. They are looking Great! Sum and Substance is Huge! Even City Lights is bigger than I thought it would be!! Tenryu is larger and fuller! There are a couple others I'd ordered bare-root that first year... and promptly lost their tags... that are getting quite large! I hope to get some ID help this summer!
I bought Great Expectations and it looked nothing like this! If it had, I would have felt bad about it dying on me!

Yours is beautiful!
shady and sylvana... I was thinking about Great Expectations when I posted the i.d., that it really does look different when a small, then a large plant; the leaves are so much larger, and more cupped... I guess that's why they call it Great Expectations. It's known for being a very slow starter, and doesn't do well I believe I recall, if it doesn't get morning sun.
What a healthy looking Hosta - lovely
Your garden is looking lovely.
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