Sunday, May 11, 2008

Can You Spell Maianthemum?

I finally learned how to pronounce smilacina right, and now it's gone; the whole genus has been been moved lock, stock, and barrel, to the genus maianthemum. This is Maianthemum japonicum; it is the Asian version of our own native false Solomon seal. A terminal clump of creamy little star flowers leads to red berries in the fall. At least I already know how to pronounce May-an-the-mum .
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It seems so ironic that botanical nomenclature is meant to clarify the identity of plants. Instead it just confuses with constant changes. What do want to bet the whole thing is moved back in a few years, or maybe rolled into polygonatum. Meanwhile I'll just call them false soloman's seal and no one will be confused.

Sort of like CHRYS-AN-THE-MUM. :-) Myabe Chrys and May were sisters. Hee! Lovely little flower.
tedb... I'm with you!

Nancy... I never thought about the name being just like chrysanthemum. Easy way to remember it.

Well, now that we've had help in pronouncing it... how about that spelling? ;-) A very pretty little blossom.
Shady... I really like the starry little flowers on this one.
This is definitely a pretty little flower, though I'd probably not think it was a Solomon's Seal just by looking at the blooms. The foliage is another matter, and that sure looks like SSeal! Which reminds me, I heard that others' Solomon's Seal was blooming so I need to get out and see if ours is finally up! Thanks for the reminder!
IVG... yours should be up and opening its leaves.
Don, I went out after work today and looked for the Solomon's Seal and sure enough, it's up about 2 ft now, but no blooms yet.
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