Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Cool Anemonella

This little double anemonella isn't quite as elegant as Cameo, that I showed a couple of days ago, but for a tiny little woodland spring ephemeral it's pretty nice; it's a double white form of Anemonella thalictroides, the rue anemone.
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You have the most darling little plants in your neighborhood!
Does the anemonella spread as vigorously as the anemone? I really have to work at keeping my anemone within its "boundaries," and it doesn't seem to transplant well.
I'm amazed at the amount of different flowers you must have in your garden. You never run out of great stuff!
I'm a big anemone fan ... just yesterday, I picked up an Anemone multifida - have you any of them in your garden? I was wondering if they spread with the exuberance of A. nemerosa. I don't mind the spreading habit too much ... I would love to grow Anemonella, but I'm in zone 3, so it would be pushing it (even if I could find it here).

I arrived here via Garden Voices.
Nancy... it IS a sweety!

shady... the anemonella is much less of spreader; it doesn't run like the wood anemones.

Moe... you know, I think I finally have enough different plants to keep me happy.

kate... our summers are too muggy for multifida to be happy here (I grew it in my first garden further north). Multifida doesn't spread by runners (in fact it doesn't usually live that long), but it seeds a lot.

I have to tell you of my confusion. My anemone is a pink variety of Japanese Anemone. (Courtesy of a previous home-owner.) It's absolutely gorgeous. It blooms in the Fall and, by then, has reached a good height and has vigorously reached out to (hug?) engulf its neighbors. I'm constantly having to dig plants. A problem is that I've found they don't transplant easily. A little dilemma for me, in that I'm not good at throwing beautiful plants away. I do need to try harder to move them to a site where they have a little elbow room. :-)
Shady... Japanese anemones are real thugs for me; I've actually removed a couple of them. Maybe when you move them try cutting the foliage down to just the basilar leaves?? dunno... I've never tried moving one, as they spread everywhere on their own.

:o) Don
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