Thursday, May 01, 2008

Anemone Love

It's no big secret that I love wood anemones (Anemone nemerosa). This small woodland plant of Europe comes in a dizzying array of named clones in blue, white and pink. There aren't too many negatives to living and gardening in Great Britain, but one I can think of is that I'd max out my credit card just buying all the additional varieties of wood anemones that are available there. I'd be happy but broke. The lovely soft blue wood anemones are certainly my favorite, with Anemone nemerosa 'Royal Blue' pictured above. However the pinks are fine too, with 'Wyatt's Pink' shown below.
Wood anemones would really like a garden wetter and cooler than mine, and at first these little plants seemed to just barely hang on here, but after a few years they are spreading and popping up everywhere. One might consider them a bit invasive, but they are so slight and so ephemeral (disappearing in summer's heat), that I don't begrudge them their wandering ways.
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Aha! I have a volunteer flower that looks very similar to your anemones in the photo. I don't know the name of it so I wonder if you could take a look and take a stab at it? Entangled of Tangled Branches mentioned that you had some anemones that looked like the one in my photo and led me here.

However the leaves on mine look fuller and rounder so it's prob. not A. nemorosa.
Ki... hope my guess was right; as I said the lance leafed anemone doesn't grow here in the midwest, so I've never actually seen one.

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