Friday, May 16, 2008

Ah, May!

There's something about May; the air is light and fragrant, the trees ring with birdsong, and the sky somehow seems higher. It is a fulsome month, heady with possibilities and beginnings. It is the best of times for this intrepid Iowa gardener; and it is with a sweet sense of regret that I tear myself away from the garden in the deepening dusk each evening, always wondering if there was something else I missed seeing that day. I can only fault May with one thing: it is far too short a month.
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Posted by Picasa

I agree -- May is one of the most beautiful months, full of bright promise. Your gardens are exquisite -- I could sit me down in that first photo and stay for an hour or two, just soaking in that gorgeous light.
Far too short indeed! Especially when it's one's first spring with their garden and they have to leave it for a while. But I digress....
May is definitely a great month. Just coming off Winter - the Spring warmth is in the air (but not quite all the way there some days). The garden is popping out everywhere (birds are making nests in my gourd birdhouse!), etc. A superb month, indeed!
Nancy... I spend a lot of time sitting and looking in May, too.

benjamin... yah, it's a tough time to leave (been there).

Moe... nothing better!

Ahhh indeed! If we had that much of an expanse and such a magnificent setting as yours, you'd have to drag me out of there well after dark! Positively lovely ...
IVG... thanks; our garden really is gorgeous right now; so much going on!

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