Friday, April 04, 2008

When The Sky Comes To Ground

Scilla tubergeniana (the early, or white squill) is one of the subtlest of the small early bulbs; with a faint blue wash to the white flowers, and the undersides of the anthers bright aniline blue, and lovely soft lines on the backs of the petals shading from blue to purple... it is as if a tiny piece of sky and cloud has come to ground. The flowers are large for the diminutive foliage, and with their short stems the blooms seem somewhat crowded, so that when seen at a distance, drifts of these bulbs are quite striking against the dark, early spring soil. This little squill hails from Iran, and I have therefore also seen it called the Persian bluebell.
This is a flower that merits laying on your stomach to marvel at the beauty of its ethereal little flowers, though if you're a mouth breather you could easily end up inhaling a honeybee (which might make you get a bad case of hives) :o)
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Very pretty little flower .. cute commentarty too : )
Another beautiful little bloom!
Inhaling bees? I believe that's when you'd quickly contact your favorite gastroenterologist! ;-)
These lil gems never cease around your garden, do they? I love the Scilla species and had never seen this one before. Definitely going on the list of possible fall planting. We have a fair amount of S. siberica and S. hispanica which are happily colonizing several areas of the yard and garden beds, much to our delight. This one would be perfect to add to our plans for more crocus and probably Galanthus ...
btw, previous comment is the Alter Ego of Iowa Victory Gardener, lol.
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