Sunday, April 27, 2008

Two Things To Consider...

Two things to consider when ordering plants in the spring... first, if you order a plant from a company that specializes in small alpines, if they describe the plant as "a tiny plant with small flowers", they probably are not just kidding about the flowers being small. Second, one should not purchase such a plant thinking it will make a big splash in the landscape on your annual open garden day.
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Lucky people, those who could be at that open garden day and I wish one of them was me, Don!

But for we who visit via our keyboards, your photos sure let even little sweeties like this make a big splash.

Hope it's fun!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
It may be small, but it's a lovely plant with lovely blooms. Is is an anemone?
Annie... I'd equally like to see the Austin gals' gardens!

GG... it's Anemone stolonifera.

Is it as small as Spring Beauties? They "run rampant" here, and make a giant splash! ;-)

I need to ask you a big favor. Would you please visit my site and identify my snowdrop? It's blooming TODAY! I know all yours bloomed long ago...
Shady... it's about three inches tall; I LOVE spring beauties.
so what the hell is it called???

i have one of these. i took it from an estate of a friend who has a true "woodland" acres and acres of naturalized forest with some spreading flowering stuff that only the rich can afford to toss around big shady woodland spaces. it's making 00s of flowers right now, late frost be damned. i'd split it, but i want to wait a year or two to see how wide it spreads. i wish i knew what it was called, i suspect it's an actual, native "woodland" flower and my friend just got lucky to have it come up with all the nonnative stuff she planted around it. anyway, get one if you can, this is a true shade performer and seems to thrive in dry, wet, or cold spring weather. in my dense clay, at least.
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