Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sold On Solida

My humble nomination for the single most inexplicably under-planted and under-appreciated flower gem: Corydalis solida. At top is 'Purple Beauty', in the middle 'Dieter Schacht' and at bottom 'Blushing Girl'. If I were in charge of things, these little plants would be sold in small pots on every street-corner, and no garden would be without a full selection, in a rainbow of colors. Of course if I were in charge, there would also be a national holiday honoring the chocolate chip cookie.

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I must admit , I have never heard of this plant. It is very charming and sweet. Thanks for bringing it up.
I have 'Berry Exciting' on its way to my garden. I would love this one as well!

Cookies. Yes, cookies. Let's submit a petition.
Jane Marie... it is well worth a small spot in the garden.

Kylee... I'll be interested in how your Berry Exciting looks in new foliage next spring.

Just let me know when you set up shop on the corner, and I'll be there with cash in hand! These are lovely ones and I'm going to keep my eye out for one of these. Thanks for alerting me to a hardier species than the others.
IVG... solida is really tough, and is a must.
Solida is a rock solid performer for me, though I only have the species.

Don, I was tempted by 'Dufe Temple' from Arrowhead Alpines. They seem to think it's as easy as C. lutea. Thoughts?

tedb... it's as easy as lutea if you live in northern Michigan. Here in Iowa it D-I-E-S.
So, if I get this right, I can come over with some of my famous made-from-scratch choclate chip cookies & bribe you for one????
My mother has had a "lipstick plant" (hanging vines) indoors for years. When it blooms, it looks a little like these blossoms. And, here's a vote for the Chocolate Chip National Holiday! ;-)
Wanda... works for me :>)

shady... you're right about the lipstick plant.

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