Sunday, April 13, 2008

Scilla Rhapsody

Let me rhapsodize about Scilla caucasica; a smashing little bulb that could not be more lovely. The Transcaucasus (the area between the Black Sea on the west and the Caspian Sea on the east) is a treasure-trove of native flower bulbs, and this little scilla is one of the most beautiful, being especially found in the mountainous areas of Armenia. It is closely related to the commonly grown Scilla siberica (which in our garden has spread so prolifically, that this time of year you can't turn around without stepping on one). However caucasica is larger and more elegant than siberica; a true garden aristocrat.
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Such a pretty flower. I'm partial to blues, especially in combination with something bright, like yellow or orange. :)
Rhapsodize away indeed! I have S. siberica, but not this one. Have made a note for when it's time to get more bulbs. Lovely thing.
Nice species I hadn't heard of before, but there are sooo many Scilla competing for attention. Lovely little flowers, as are all the Squills I know of ... A few years ago I got a super bargain from Park's of 100 S. hispanica for a mere $5! So we have those scattered all around the front and woodland beds. Looks like they're up now and also seem to be multiplying a bit. Is that one you have? Much later, taller and more profusely flowered than siberica. Sometimes referred to as 'English Bluebells' or 'Wood Hyacinth' as Park's called them.
Wonderful photos! Love the intense color of these flowers.
I've got a bunch of other unusual scillas; I've been so busy I just don't get out and take pictures... I'm working on creating a prairie at the nature preserve I'm managing, and WOW is that a lot of work.
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