Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh, Make Up Your Mind!

I have come to the conclusion that my favorite primrose is whichever one is blooming that day...Oh fickle heart, Oh footloose devotion, Oh... whatever. Anyway, I think my really, truly favorite primrose is actually Primula vulgaris ssp. sibthorpii, which is a subtype of the common primrose of northern Europe.The ssp. sibthorpii hails from the Balkans; a harsher climate making for a hardier plant. It is the first primrose to bloom every spring in our garden, with bright pink flowers covered with bees, and lovely light green foliage. As easy and undemanding as it is, I've never fathomed why this plant is so seldom (if ever, in this country) offered for sale. I can't tell you to rush right out and buy it for your garden, as likely you'll be standing there on the curb with a five dollar bill in your hand and no place to go with it. Every year I whack another piece or two off of my original plant, and replant it in another spot; my goal is to eventually have an entire garden brimming with this one primrose... though I'll have to leave room for all the other primulas that I love... did I mention that I'm fickle?
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That is one lovely primrose, maybe I can wave my five dollar bill across the ocean for some seeds. I love primulas, we have had a little luck with them here in TN, sheltered from the hot summer sun. Always on the lookout for the more hardy ones. Thanks for the tip.
Frances at Faire Garden
I can see why you love it. Very pretty!
The color is gorgeous, as are most primroses. :) Lovely!
frances... I think this is one of the most heat tolerant primroses.

GG... it is just covered with flowers every spring!

Nancy... it is a bright one!

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