Friday, April 25, 2008

My Annual Glaucidium Lovefest

It's time for my annual homage to Glaucidium palmatum. It's funny how many extraordinary plants are slow growing (as is this one). There's a famous story (probably apocryphal) about someone in England who bought a house just because it had a large flower bed full of huge old cyclamens that had been growing there for a generation, with the tubers as big around as salad plates, and with thousands of flowers every year. I would think if there was a house for sale around here with a garden full of glaucidiums the size of washtubs, I would at least overlook the ugly wallpaper in the sitting room.
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Well Don, you made me do a search again. Japanese wood poppy eh? A Ranunculaceae. I don't know where you buy your plants but you should get an award for blogger with most unusual plants.
My heart broke a little when I saw this photo.

I bought glaucidium last year from Seneca Hills. It arrived in great shape, and did well over the summer.

No sign of it so far this year though. I'll keep checking but looks like I'll be shopping again.

I understand how it could happen; I bought this property - not for the house, but for the garden. (The paper and paint are still peeling - trivial things when the garden beckons.)
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