Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hepaticas In Blue And Pink

Hepatica nobilis var. japonica comes in so many colors and forms (including double flowers), that one could easily devote a whole garden to this one species... the only problem with this is that the gardener would run out of money before space, as the fancier cultivars demand hair-raising prices. I've always balked at paying more than twenty dollars for any plant that our smallest cat could completely cover by sitting on it. Besides, if I paid a hundred dollars for a fancy double hepatica, and the cat sat on it, I'd probably have a coronary (come to think of it, if Liz found out I'd spent a hundred dollars on a hepatica, SHE'D have a coronary, so we'd both be laid up). Of course when the cat sat on the hepatica I'd probably scream so loud SHE'D have a coronary too. Good thing we've got two cats, so there would still be somebody to come visit us all in the hospital.
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You do have the most exquisite blooms! Those colors are so vibrant. Watch your ticker/s!
That is so funny!! Great post!

Sounds like some hepaticas are as expensive as some of the newer daylily hybrids. They truly are beautiful!
Beautiful flowers!
So are they really that blue?
Wow, you've outdone yourself (well maybe they have) with these beauties! I have to start investigating getting some Hepatics specimens for our garden.

A few basic questions though:
1) what sort of exposure do they prefer?
2) Bulbs for fall planting?
3) Any specific soil types they prefer or just the usual "garden loam?"

Those blues are spectacular ... we're always looking for more blues for the garden and it's such an unusual color for this early in the season (while the Delphiniums are still slumbering)!

Thanks again for introducing me to these amazing little flowers.
You are too funny! ;-)
Nancy... my cholesterol is 176!

Chey... any plant that the Japanese are obsessed with is guaranteed to be expensive (same with the Brits).

Marie... if you look closely at them, they are as beautiful as any flower in the garden.

Ted... they really are that blue (I don't "improve" any of my pictures' color.

IVG... they like shade and can be planted either spring or fall. They like lime, loose rich soil, but are not fussy.

shady... thanks ;o)

You are so cruel - teasing us with gorgeous expensive Japanese plants! :^) As I invariably kill 1/3 of the plants I purchase, I have a hard time justifying expensive plants (for me they cost 1/3 more than for anyone else). So, cultivating patience, I'll wait for these to come down in price. I've got good genes, I can probably afford to wait 30 years for them.
MMD... I look on my purchases as an investment :o0
Thanks Don - of course I didn't think you manipulated the photo. Some times blues just don't seem to reproduce accurately.

I like your investment strategy! Better returns then the stock market.

Hi Don, thanks for the growing tip. I looked these up in McClure-Zimmerman's catalogue tonight ( and they had h. japonica for $6.95 bare root, but the one I was really interested in was one from Romania called H. transylvanica which is supposed to be a brilliant blue. All mine for a $16.95 bare root! Yikes. We've never had much luck planting bare root, so I'm hesitant to try that investment. But I do agree in principle, yes, the cooler specimens are investments! Even the humble ones such as Snowdrops and Crocus too. :-)
Ted... especially with the market lately! What i didn't show is that the blue hepatica has white backs to the petals... really startling when the flowers are half open in the morning and evening.

IVG... transylvanica is really cool, and perfectly hardy here. I've planted bare root with no problem.

Any suggestions on sources for Hepatica varieties here in the states? I'd even be willing to try one or two really expensive ones if I could find them....
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