Monday, April 07, 2008

Hellebores; An Investment In The Future

Helleborus niger is always the first hellebore to bloom in our garden, sometimes starting to open up its icy pink blooms in late February. Unfortunately it was rather underwhelming this year... something to do with being sat on by six inches of ice for a few months. Therefore the first real blooming of a hellebore is this soft yellow hybridus hellebore that sits on a warmish slope, catching some early sun.
One of the things I'm certainly glad that I did was to buy several dozen inexpensive little hellebore seedlings several years ago. They are now coming into their own, covered with bright candy blooms in a rainbow of colors, each more beautiful than the last. Many of them are now also surrounded by numerous little seedlings of their own, which I've been potting up and giving away to garden visitors. Hellebores are definitely a worthwhile investment in your garden's future.
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Never even heard of them, but they look great!

Always on the lookout for pretty Zone 5 flowers. Thanks!
I have a patch of hellobores and I am wondering if they are to be "cut back" at some time.....I read on some garden blog about someone cutting them back.......I have never done so.........
Moe... you just don't see them much in Iowa.

Nancy... I cut off the ratty dead foliage in spring (just cosmetic).
thanks.....they are just gorgeous this year......this is their third year and they are loaded with blooms...........
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