Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Guess The Wildflower, Win A Prize

Look at these three pictures, and guess which emerging wildflower each might be...

One of my favorite garden activities in early spring is pulling back the dead leaves on the ground, to find plants just beginning to put up their foliage, and guessing what they might be. It is quite amazing how different (and sometimes how odd) these new little sprouts are. Sometimes they give a clue as to what they will become, and sometimes they are just complete head-scratchers. If you guessed correctly on any of the above, you win my complete admiration (no money, just approval). At top is blue cohosh, in the middle rue anemone, and at bottom I was a little naughty as this is the Asian version of our native twinleaf (Jeffersonia dubia instead of Jeffersonia diphylla).
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Well I was 3 for 3. Wrong, wrong, wrong :) Is the twinleaf dubia named because it's a dubious Jeffersonia? or maybe a Bush Jeffersonia? Say it isn't so!
Wrong on all counts, but they sure are intriguing!
Here I was scratching my head because I didn't recognize the last one - you fooled me! (BTW I got the other 2 right because I grow both of them.)
I would have missed them all, but this is one my favorite hobby also. It's the main fun of spring!

I planted a Glaucidium last year and since our warm spell I check at least every day to see if it came back. Still checking!

It's weird to say, but there's something about these developing shoots that reminds me of little pink hairless newborn hamsters - though the plants are a little less stinky and gross! I guess it's all about new starts and new life.
Oh, brother! I was ready with the answer to each of the three! (Not the Right answer, mind you... ha!) I am also enjoying the hints of things to come! :-)
Ki... well, they tell me it's pronounce doo-BE-a :o>
Nancy... That's what I love; they are all so unique.
MMD... you DO have my admiration; I don't suppose one gardener in a hundred knows and grows blue cohosh.
Ted... my glaucidium is up a few inches, but it's been there for many years.
Gardenista... hamsters? :o]
Shady... I often forget what's coming up and ponder over it, too.

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