Thursday, April 10, 2008

Green Cheeks Galanthus

On a rainy, windy spring day, flocks of white crowned sparrows and song sparrows have come in from the north and one of the latter is bobbing its tail and singing sweetly to me from a low branch: Sit right down.... and I'll sing for y--e--w--w--w. Out in the garden, nosing around for something to take a picture of, I found this little snowdrop just opening its flowers. Galanthus 'Scharlockii' has a light green blush on each outer petal, which I find quite lovely. It's a small, late-blooming snowdrop, a clone of Galanthus nivalis that was discovered almost two hundred years ago in Germany. It has been nurtured in gardens all of this time; a high testament to its beauty.
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What a sweet flower. I didn't realize there were late blooming snow drops. I'm going to check it out; otherwise they are so buried in snow here that I rarely get to see one.
This is another adorable little bloom. Your photos are excellent.
Our snowdrops are still hanging in there proud and pretty, no doubt due to the chilly weather of late. Unfortunately our Dutch Crocus are in danger of getting beaten down by the storms tonight ... ah, the vicissitudes of spring!
Very pretty.
Jane Marie... this is the latest for me (but it's a VERY late spring here... normally this would be blooming about mid-March.
Nancy... thanks, glad you like.
IVG... that's the only good thing this year; the snowdrops have been blooming a long time.

Moe...Thanks; it's a darlin' little bloom.

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