Friday, April 25, 2008

Brave Trilliums

It always amazes me how early in the spring the trilliums bloom. One sees nothing above ground for a month (I've finally learned not to mope about in late March, thinking they've all died or left town). Then in a matter of a few weeks, they burst out of the ground, grow to full size, and bloom, even while frost and stinging sleet are still in the forecast (we went from almost 80 degrees yesterday morning, to near-freezing last night).
This is a trillium that I purchased as Trillium erectum, but it's not even close... it is probably T. underwoodii. This particular plant is one of the very first trilliums to bloom for us, with dark, blood-red flowers. One of these days I mean to go about re-keying all of the trilliums in the garden; I know of no other plant that is so frequently mis-labeled. The problem with that is that I'm getting a lot of trilliums just popping up on their own, and some of them may be hybrids. There may be a lot of labels saying "Trillium/ ??".
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I bet there are hybrids in there. That fluctuating temperature is awful. We had that last year and I lost all the clematis and rose plants that we planted the year before, quite a loss. Hope yours goes better than that.
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