Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Which Way To Aberdeen?

This has been the anti-spring; day after day, week after week of cold, damp, misty weather... it is as if we are trapped in the far north of Scotland, in some icy, wind-swept moor. Normally this might not be such a bad thing for a gardener; there would be something to be said for going out to view the crocuses blooming on the Fourth of July, but I do like to grow the occasional daylily, and we do have to get on with it, as we have a little something called winter coming in seven months.
Now I know why the Scots are so glum...
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Hi Don,

Your pictures are always awesome!! May I ask, what camera are you using?
Lovely shot -- there's a beautiful refraction in one of the drops. :)
You should move to Nebraska, Don. 60 and sunny with a light breeze, no snow anywhere. I was installing some aluminium edging earlier today in my tee shirt with robins calling for love affairs.
Betty... Canon 20D.

Nancy... thanks; raindrops always "make" a flower picture, I think.

Benjamin... Grrrr.

Positively...think positively... it will positively be Spring soon. And we will be able to rake the leaves and leaf-mulch away. We'll soon be planting new items and re-arranging lovely favorites to new spots, mulching, landscaping, trimming, mowing, weeding,stacking, building... and I can hardy wait!

In the meantime, continue pacing the yard, lifting those fallen branches, and building "strong muscles." ;-)
Shady... either that, or just drink more :o)
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