Sunday, March 02, 2008

An Underused Garden Combination

A combination of garden shrubs that I've always thought is way underutilized, is weigelas and old fashioned roses; in fact now that I think about it, I've never seen it mentioned anywhere. Not fancy enough, I guess.
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We just came to the same conslusion last year. We have had a couple of different weigelas for several years now and just planted many old and new roses on the same slope. The only problem with weigelas are they grow with great vigor.
My dad loves the old-fashioned roses. He's not planted weigelias. Your combination is very nice.
Welcome back to Iowa and your blog!
That looks like a wonderful combination!
ki... It would be nice if the weigelas were a little more upright 9of course they could also re-bloom and smell good).

shady... thanks; nice to be back, even if we're buried in snow.

Vanilla... It's one that's especially nice because it's so reliable!
Your photos are so welcome as this miserable winter lingers on. I've taken the liberty of posting this pic on my blog with appropriate acknowledgement of course. Much thanks for a lovely site. I visit often.
Sherry... you are welcome to use any pictures or anything else on here, anytime, anyway (I sort of look on this blog like a box of Kleenex).
If you ever get a chance, look through Marylyn Abbott's Thoughts on Garden Design. She trained (paid someone else, rather) red flowered weigelas as standards. (pp.98-99)
Kathy... I'm going to have to look for that book; I've never seen weigela standards. When I try to visualize standard weigelas, it doesn't sound terribly attractive when not in flower, but I'll have to see them.
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