Monday, March 03, 2008

To Dream...

P.J., our little tabby and white cat, is not a fighter or a hunter; the only thing I've ever seen her catch was a June bug once, and I think it might have been sick. You can dream, though...
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That is too funny! It seems they know she's harmless and are taking advantage of the situation.
Very cute. Sitting in front of the window, dreaming about being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, and digging in the dirt and making my own "conquests" is what I'm beginning to do. ;-)
Haha that's funny! Those squirrels are definitely thumbing their nose at PJ!
The squirrels do enjoy a good cat tease; the squirrel on the right even has its back turned to P.J. (no respect).
Welcome to the gang here at Most of us are like your kitty---we are harmless and love nature. I enjoyed your pics. The ones of the beach and ocean shots are great since winter still has a hold here.
Anna... nice to meet you, and happy you stopped by!
Yeah, and as my husband says, "A cat and squirrel encounter won't end well for the cat."

P.J. looks much like our Baby!
Kylee... I'd sure bet on the squirrels against p.J.
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