Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Sun Came Up Like Thunder

After a long and unrelenting winter; the stuff of weather legends, warmth (and with it, hope) returned today, in the form of the sun, which rose like thunder from behind the eastern ridge, draped in robes of orange and peach.
All the birds began clearing their throats and singing from the tallest trees, the deer started racing back and forth along the far ridge in sheer joy, and the first drip-drip of snowmelt from the roof signaled a new day, and hopefully a new season... spring!
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I hope it lasts for you! We are supposed to hit 50 tomorrow and I'm considering taking a sanity day from work to enjoy it lol
A beautiful site to wake to. :) It's sunny and nice here in Nova Scotia today, also. I figure we've earned any kindness that Nature decides to bestow upon us!
With these back-to-back normal temperatures, the plants have got to respond. Come on, bloom! This morning my daughter asked me when all the snow was going to be gone. I had to tell her that I had no idea. The large piles by the driveway could still be there in April.
"Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning..." Anything else happen that day?
Can't help but admire that beautiful sight, though!! :-)
Nickie... the warm weather is headed your way; lot's of melting here.

Nancy... beautiful country where you live.

MMD... we still have an eight foot pile by the garage!

Shady... It just got cloudy, but no rain.

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