Monday, March 17, 2008

Snowdrop Double Doubles

Here are two double snowdrops blooming today: double doubles, I guess you'd say. For reasons that I can understand, double snowdrops get mixed reviews by fanatical snowdrop lovers (galanthophiles). The main knock on the doubles is that they are not graceful, like the single snowdrops. However, to me it depends on how you look at them; looking from above, or maybe even from the side, flore pleno does look a little... boxy. Actually from above they sort of look like little lobster claws to me; indeed not exactly graceful. Now when you get down and look at them from below (no easy task with a plant all of four inches tall) they give quite a different impression, and are very pretty; kind of like wee hoop skirts with petticoats with upside down heart markings along the hemline... quite sweet. I've taken to planting them on little hillocks in the garden to facilitate being able to see under them better, but even so when I'm seen walking around with muddy knees in early spring it's a pretty good bet I've been out looking at the snowies. I saw a picture of a Brit galanthophile out in his garden who walks about with a mirror which he sets down below each snowdrop so he can see it better... guess he doesn't like getting his pants muddy. The other snow drop fanciers who read his post about the mirror, oohed over how clever he was. Being or being described as "clever" seems to be a uniquely British trait, as in "He's such a clever boy!" Here in the States, I know I've never heard anybody call me clever... even though I feel like over the years I've given them plenty of opportunities to do so. Now maybe they were thinking it, but just didn't want to seem overly flattering. That could be.
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Single, double, or double double -- I think they're all beautiful. :)
Oh, for heaven's sakes... I dub thee Clever Iowa Boy! ;-) And you are definitely clever.

Are you getting psyched for getting out in those primrose beds, paths, beautiful areas that you left last Fall? I'm ready to watch your progress. :-)
I really do want to find snowdrops for this Fall's planting. They are very beautiful, and they flower even before the multitudinous Spring Beauties in our backyard. :-)
Nancy... I've got some new kinds coming up this spring that are just peeping up; can't wait!

Shady... thanks; you're the first! I'm way beyond ready to get out and start gardening. Last year I was a good month into the gardening season by now. If you buy snowies, get G. elwesii (and maybe a few double nivalis).

Still waiting on ours to appear this year! They're over a month late, but the snow has been long to go away where we have them planted ...

Shady Gardener, here's a link to a good company we have purchased from in the past (and they're in WI!) that always has them available at reasonable prices, McClure Zimmerman bulbs ... they have tons of great stuff and a lot of the more off the beaten track bulbs as well. We were going to get more Dragon Arums from them last fall, but we waited too late and the snow came too soon! :-)

You'll love having Galanthus in your garden! Ours have spread nicely over the years, though this year we're a bit impatient about their arrival!
IVV... this is my latest year ever for snowdrops. how do the arums grow for you? This was not a kind winter for them here. They are still alive, but their leaves look like wet toilet paper.
This is also our latest year ever for ours too ... I think we finally have a few snowdrops up in the back yard, but it's so muddy I haven't ventured out there just yet, but will today and take my camera with me.

The only arum we have so far is dracunculus and it will be a while before it emerges, but so far so good with it... the first year it only put on leaves, but had a spectacular bloom phase last year. We'd like to get some other arums soon (namely italicum, I think it is). The primroses are looking pretty ragged now that they've emerged from the snow, but I'm sure they'll perk up soon.
IVG... I have dracunculus, and then a lot of italicums, which as I mentioned, look pretty ratty.

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