Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saving Miss Lawrence's Garden

Elizabeth Lawrence was to my mind our pre-eminent American garden writer; my copies of her books are well-worn old friends. After her death in 1985, her famous garden in Charlotte (by then woefully overgrown and neglected due to her absence due to ill health) was fortunately purchased by a wonderful lady named Lindie Wilson, who in 1986 bought the property to live in and began removing the overgrowth from the garden, revealing many of Lawrence's original plants that were hidden but still surviving, especially many of the flowering bulbs for which she was so well known. The Garden Conservancy and the Wing Haven Foundation have now been involved for some time in planning and fund raising to permanently preserve the house and garden; Wing Haven has already raised the money to purchase the property from Lindie Wilson and is now working towards raising another $50,000 as a stewardship fund. I have mentally toured this garden so many cold winter evenings with Miss Lawrence as my guide, that I know it as well as I know my own garden. It was therefore with pleasure that I just sent off a check to help, in a small way, to keep this garden blooming for many generations to come. The picture above of Miss Lawrence's garden was copied from the Wing Haven Foundation web page, and I hope they do not mind; the web site, if you are interested is:

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I just took the virtual tour. What a beautiful, beautiful place. More importantly, isn't it wonderful that someone else, who shares the the same sense of gardening and vision has purchased and revived this area? It is so heartwarming that the gardens continue to be maintained and upgraded.

We should all be so fortunate. :-)
Thank you for letting us know about this. I read about the woman who'd bought Miss Lawrence's garden, and I always wondered how much she'd been able to save. I loved reading her books. I'll send a check tomorrow.~~Dee
I also enjoy reading Elizabeth Lawrence's writings, they are some of my favorites. Thanks for bringing this cause to our attention!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Shady... I've often wondered about some of the other authors' gardens (I don't see where they are listed by Garden Conservancy). I imagine my garden will be the site of a big, honkin' house.

Dee... I'm so pleased you feel the same way as me, and are chipping in too. Miss Lawrence would I'm sure be thrilled
Carol... You're welcome. I've read "the Little Bulbs" so many times, I've about worn it out.

It's a lovely and generous thing you've done. I plan to take a leisurely virtual stroll through these beautiful gardens.
Nancy... you will enjoy the tour. she was a really neat person.
She has been a huge inspiration for me and I read her books over and over again. I want to visit the garden. I'm hoping to plan a trip there this year.
What a lovely, lovely place. I'm not sure how I could get any writing done sitting at that desk with that view out the window!
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