Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rhododendrons And Hostas... No Quality Time Alone

Another garden combination that I've grown to like, is pale lavender rhododendrons with hostas that have a lot of creamy white on their leaves. The two seem to each soften and complement the other, and the hostas planted around the "skirts" of the rhododendrons, cover their bare legs nicely... pictured is a new bed from last spring. Now add some primroses, and a bunch of early spring bulbs like crocuses and snowdrops, a half dozen lilies for late summer bloom, squeeze in a couple of hellebores, and have the whole bed invaded by bluebells, blue squills, and lamium, and you've pretty much got a typical mature flower bed from my garden. The rhododendrons and hostas in this garden just don't get much quality time together by themselves.
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We have absolutely no quality time with rhododendrons or hostas down here and as to "the whole bed invaded by bluebells, blue squills, and lamium" - being invaded by those plants doesn't sound bad to me, Don!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
What a lovely planting combination....I'm making a hosta bed under some birches, and have been thinking about what to add for shrubs--and I think a few rhodos or deciduous azaleas will be the answer! Thanks so much for showing us this, Don.
Lovely photo Don, and I think the colors work together so well. These pics are keeping us going while we slog through this intermidable snow.
Annie... too much of a good thing?

Jodi... just don't add bluebells.

Sherry... it's supposed to finally warm up her starting today.

Is that Paradigm unfurling back there? It has a very familiar, large ruffled look. :-) Beautiful bed.
looks lovely, sounds even lovlier when filled in with the additions you mentioned.
Shady... I'm not sure; I know I have Paradigm, but I think it's in another bed (I'd check but it would take an ice axe).

lintys... It is really pretty in the spring.

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