Friday, March 28, 2008

Raggedy Robin Sees The Sun?

I love every small flower bulb; I love them even more when they are just sticking their little noses out of the ground... testing the waters, so to speak. I love Bulbocodium vernum when it's just peeking up, more than I can communicate. It sits there for a day or so, then at the first sign of warm sun, no matter how fleeting, it just throws caution to the winds and billows its fragile little flower into full sail, hoping a honeybee comes along before the next freezing rain. Its pale lilac flower, which I must show if the sun ever reappears, is called 'Raggedy Robin'.
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Wonderful photo!
I love when bulbs peak out too! What a great lilac color it has.
Great photo! What a sweet name for the flower! I'll be looking forward to seeing it open.
Thanks all, for your comments. Now we hope for some warmer weather to bring out more flowers!
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