Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's About Time!

I've had a good quality digital camera for some time, but with a rather cheap lens (I know this is backwards from the way you're supposed to do things in photography). This lens has some strange Cyrillic writing on it that I suspect indicates it was manufactured in Kazakhstan. Well, today the Fed Ex man delivered my fancy new macro close-up lens. Of course he had to arrive with the package requiring a signature just as I was high up on the roof shoveling snow and ice off. Here's my first picture with the new lens, which happens to show my $5.47 Walmart watch. This watch is so clunky that I found out it sets off the airport metal detectors so I have to send it through in my carry-on, and the date function seems to wander somewhat mysteriously, perhaps following some alien calendar... though it says on the watch face that the movement is Japanese, I suspect the rest of the watch may also be from Kazakhstan; the workmanship is strikingly similar to my old camera lens. It also says on the watch face that it is water resistant to 100 feet; not water proof, mind you... just resistant; so I suppose it's like "No, no no water in here... oh what the heck!)
Anyway, now that I have my new lens, I just need the snow to melt so I'll have some flowers to take pictures of... oh, and maybe I need an upgrade to a ten dollar watch.
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Have fun with that new lens! It is the same up here in Maine. I am as tired of posting snow shots as I am sure people are of looking them.

Here's to flowers and grass coming soon!!!
gardenpath... So far, the lens is trickier than i thought it would be, due to shallow field of focus.
Ah, but you see it just says "water resist" not even resistant. ;)

I have a similar $5 watch from Hampton Bay with Japanese mov't. Best watch I've ever had. It's interesting to compare my watch with the $25,000 Patek Philippe and the couple dozen others from $10k and up he owns. ;) I think he was a bit offended when I showed him my $15 Hypnotic one hand watch.
Ooops, I meant to write my wife's friend's boy friend.

What is the focal length of your macro? It will be interesting to see a depth of field test of the lens.
Ki... 100mm.
My best watch ever was one i got for a dollar when i bought a Godfather's pizza. the cheap plastic ban finally broke on it, but the watch itself kept perfect time for several years after that. It must have had a huge battery in it.

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