Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't Worry, Bee Happy...

We have been given a brief reprieve from this morass of cold and cloudiness that we've found ourselves stuck in this spring... brief because we are to have only two days of sun, then snow and cold are to return. Gardeners being by nature a hardy and wildly optimistic bunch, we will take the few crumbs of sunlight that have fallen from spring's bountiful table, and be grateful for it. The honeybees certainly have no complaints today, their pollen sacs already heavy with bright yellow and orange granules from the early crocuses and snowdrops. A faint hum fills the garden, as they buzz from flower to flower, and the sweet honey smell of snowdrops blooming in the warm sunshine is like whipped cream on my cocoa... I am a happy gardener today.
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These photos make me sigh. :) Beautiful.
That second shot is fab.

Crisp blue flowers, sun and shade, bee in sun.

So evocative of spring in the Midwest.

Great shots! I saw my first bee of the season today visiting the Snowdrops.
Yay, we have snowdrops up and blooming in the back garden and they're breaking ground in the front, along with some of the first crocus! The wait is finally over ... have to get out with the camera after work.

These are spectacular shots, Don, and I'm surprised to see the bees are active already, but glad to see them. We don't have very many honeybees in our garden, in part I suspect due to the fact we have a bumblebee hive near our house. So we almost always see the bumblers rather than their smaller cousins.

But as any sensible gardener knows, gotta have those bees around to keep the garden humming ...
Don, Can you tell me why I had honeybees in and around my bird feeders last week? They inundated it and kept the birds at bay! But, it only lasted 3 days... and now they're gone. Could they have been nibbling something in there??
Wow, those are beautiful photos.
Nancy & Jenn... it's my new close-up lens.

IVG... the funny thing is, I see lots of honeybees early in the spring, then only bumbles and yellowjackets after that.

Shady... I'd think they were looking for a place to nest (a birdfeeder is kind of like a hive, right?)

Gardengirl... thanks for the feedback; I'm just learning how to use my new lens.

The bee photos made me instantly happy, Don. I adore bees, and other pollinators, and that first shot of the honeybee with the snowdrop made me get all weepy-eyed. We just might make it to (Nova Scotian) spring, still a month or more off.
Don, that second photo is stunning! And I think that's a crocus that I planted new last fall. Can't wait to see it bloom here. I don't have a single crocus even close. They're still just little blades poking their noses out of the ground.
Hooray for the sign of Spring there!
Snow and cold will be gone at last and I can't wait to see your spring garden this year after the long winter.
These are awesome pictures!
Jodi... is your spring normally that late? I thought you had kind of a mild, oceanic climate.

Kylee... It's a pretty crocus, but I don't know ehat it is, as it just popped up from seed or squirrels burying it.

Delighted... I'm ready (more than ready)! Lots of stuff coming up, and it's supposed to finally warm up next week, so should be a ton of stuff blooming by April.

Robin... thanks; I think i'm gong to like this new close-up lens.

A lovely close-up observation.
Which snowdrop is that, with two green spots?
di... thanks for the comment.

Kathy... elwesii.

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