Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Different Shade Of Green

I've always loved these stanzas of Tolkien's poem:

I sit beside the fire and think
of how the world will be
when winter comes without a spring
that I shall ever see.

For still there are so many things
that I have never seen;
in every wood in every spring
there is a different green.
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Beautiful pictures. I completely agree with a different green. I'm always amazed at how mother nature makes everything unique and different.
I am seeing the palest of green in some of the trees from a distance..just the limbs .....and the ornamental pears around buds are getting ready! the green of the day lilies is poking up and the tulips as well...........wonderful pictures as usual...nice words too............
What beautiful pictures. But the top one is amazingly clear and distinct! (It's as though I just received an updated prescription on my glasses!) ha. Looking forward to that green?
I'm a huge Tolkien fan but don't remember seeing this poem before. Thanks for sharing it with the perfect photos!
Darn! I looked and looked and LOOKED for a spring poem to use on Friday and couldn't find one I liked. Until now. That was really beautiful Don. My sentiments exactly.
Vanillalotus... There's nothing like the bright greens of May!

Nancy... you're WAY ahead of us (it was snowing yesterday).

Shady... it's going to really be a late spring; i wonder when the leaves will finally be out??

Melanie... It's Bilbo's poem, which he quotes when Frodo comes to Rivendel.

Sally... the Gay Gardener site has some nice stuff on it.

Could this be 'Paradise'? Beautiful ...
Joey... it's a nice spot, i must say!
The oaks that hold their leaves are still doing so. I discovered buds on my azaleas yesterday! :-)
I am just now reading LOTR, and have to say that I dig the songs and poems more than the actual prose and story. Probably because I already know the story, more or less, through the films.

'Til the films, I thought that "fantasy" wasn't my thing. Shows what I knew.

Don, if you haven't ventured for one reason or another, the Harry Potter books are worth a quick read, and have some decent poems/songs in them, too.

Just putting that out there.
I've always loved that poem too :)
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