Monday, March 10, 2008

Cardinals Like Drops Of Blood

This endless winter; this cruel frozen ghost of a March, is beginning to weigh on me... during the day the red cardinals hang motionless on the ice-encrusted branches like congealed drops of blood, and all night from the tall red oak tree the barred owls mockingly hoot No Spring For You . It is truly the winter of my discontent. However, just when all seems cold and gray, when the spirit and body cry out for hope and sustenance, the doorbell rings... it's the Girl Scout cookies!
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Hmm... maybe that's what I need. Some Girl Scout cookies. I'll try anything at this point!
I'm with ya, Don. Difficult winter, here, too!
My favorite post EVER of yours. I like how you describe the cardinals (I've never had THAT many!). Our cookies just came last week--go thin mints! But my spiraea is budding, so the cookies are icing on the cake.
Oh yez, Girl Scout cookies. Such a fine tradition.

Down here we have the inca doves sighing NO HOPE, NO HOPE, NO HOPE.

Or perhaps they are promting GO VOTE, GO VOTE, GO VOTE...
Blackswamp... don't forget the glass of milk!

Sissy... It's FINALLY supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow.

Benjamin... thanks; with your literary bent, that makes me quite pleased.

Jenn... I hope they don't sing at night.

That is one awesome picture. I really like it - quite artsy.
Gardenista... I actually had a much better picture with about thirty cardinals in it, but somehow it vanished into cyberspace.
I enjoyed reading that and seeing the pic too. It was very clever!
We don't have enough of them here .. Cardinals I mean ! haha
Like shocks of RED in your face .. I love them and can't get over that colour !
Anna... thanks; glad you enjoyed it (hard to type 'cause cookie crumbs keep jamming up the keyboard).

Gardenjoy4me... I'll have to admit, they are very striking in the snow!

Cardinals against the white snow and ice are very striking... absolutely! The sight stops me in my tracks. :-)
And, in the Spring, they SING! ;-)
What a vivid description. Your medical training makes you see things in a unique way.
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