Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wee Daffodils With No Name

I love wee daffodils in early spring... the trouble is, they've all lost their wee labels, so I can't tell you their names.
picture taken last March

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Those are very pretty - only one more month until they come up again!
If the 2d photo is of dwarfs, then that's probably 'February Silver,' which never blooms as early as February.
Moe... Yah, I can hardly wait!

MMD... You're probably right; I know i had Feb. Silver at one time, and these bulbs came from an earlier garden without a label.

An' sure 'n begorrah, 'tis a wee bit o' beauty tha gives a wee bit o' pleasure! (or more!) And if we wait a wee bit longer, we'll see a wee bit o' Spring soon.
(Just a wee bit of humour, don't cha know?) :-)
Shady... I've always envied the Brits and the Irish, who can use the word "wee" with a straight face.
Me, too! (Don't know if you caught the bit of "Norwegian" at the very end... ha.)
I envy multilingual folks :o)

One small unnamed daffodil opened today down here - maybe it takes zone 8 to make February Gold-types actually open in February?

Stay warm y'all,

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
It would take an act of God to get one to bloom in Iowa in February; a foot of snow tonight, and 11 below Sunday night :o(
Eleven below? You guys are having an old-fashioned, real winter. When I gardened in IL we always hoped that there'd be snow before the temperatures went below zero... at least there's a blanket on the garden before the cold hits that way.
You'll need some Norwegian Hotdish.

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lexi sundell... thanks for the heads-up. I guess I'm too easy, but I always figure when I put something on the 'net, it's just public domain (plus I guess I figure if somebody is so hard up for content, they have to steal MY stuff, I feel kind of sorry for them... kind of like when I usually give a buck to the thirty year old homeless guy downtown here, who holds up a sign saying he's a homeless Vietnam vet... I know I'm being taken, but I still feel sorry for them).

(:o) don
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