Monday, February 04, 2008

They Were Here First In The Garden

One of the interesting aspects of gardening in a woodland is that a number of wild flowers were here when I started the garden, and all of them have at least persisted, and most have thrived... in fact some have made themselves quite comfortable by trying to take over one or another garden bed. One of these pioneers that has rambled about here and there, but has not been obnoxious about it, is the woodland phlox, P. divaricata. Here it is growing at the foot of my statue of Pan that I showed a few days ago, snuggling in between a heuchera and a variegated euonymous. Something I've come to appreciate is that this little phlox never looks out of place... which is a good thing, since it's popping up in quite a few spots.
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I love this little phlox! Last Spring I took so many photos of wildflowers that were on our wooded acres, but not in our wooded backyard. These phlox were one of them. (I did try transplanting. Hope it works!) ;-)
Shady... they transplant very easily, but take a while to settle in.
Now why can't I have stuff popping up in my gardens like that? I get a few marsh marigolds, that's all. Everything else has been purposely planted by me. Guess I'll have to go looking for these in the woods... Well, not yet.
I don't have any volunteer Phlox divaricata, but I grow 2 cultivars, a blue & a purple. I love how they scent the garden in Spring & how good their foliage looks even in Winter.
Kylee... yah, I'd wait (:o)

MMD... They do smell nice.

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