Thursday, February 28, 2008

Since the snow is still blowing here in Iowa, here are some pictures from our recent stay in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Zihuat, as it is dubbed, was formerly a small fishing village north of Acapulco, and still isn't too much of a big city, with 150,000 people. Being quite a ways south, the climate is beautifully warm in winter; daytime highs were 88-90, with pleasantly dry air, so it cools off at night. There are numerous beaches in and near Zihuat; at top is Playa La Ropa, just south of town; at bottom is the beach at Ixtapa, the resort area north of town. The second picture shows the bay (bahia), and the third picture is a funky open cantina on Playa (beach) Los Gatos, across the bay from Zihuat.

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Gorgeous. Snagging # two above for a desktop wallpaper. Hope you don't mind?
Jenn... you are welcome to any pictures that appear here.
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