Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No Photoshop Needed...

I've always hated those pictures of sunsets that are obviously altered so they ooze with garish purples and oranges... or at least I thought they were altered... this picture is completely untouched. This has been a strange winter; almost constantly snowing and very cloudy (with another foot of snow predicted tonight). However on those rare days when we've seen a little sun, we've had dynamite sunsets. I'm not sure whether people are to blame for this weather, through global warming, or whether it's due to some other phenomenon... I just wish whoever or whatever is causing it, would just stop it!
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Mm. Beautiful skyshow!

The sunset I've got up right now is straight out of the camera, too.
Beautiful sunset and you were able to capture it! Perhaps that's another item to list in a "38 seconds" post. I'm looking for someone to take this idea and go with it. ;-) You'd be great at it!
Jenn... that's a beauty; so peaceful.

Shady... Neat idea... maybe when I get back? Was that the name of a movie??
Ah, you have to check the post I did the other day. ;-)
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