Friday, February 29, 2008

More Shooting Stars

For some time now, it has been my intention to have more shooting stars in my garden... I have not actually done anything about it, but it is still my intention.
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Hi Don,

I have just discovered your very interesting blog -- and enjoyed going back through the posts reading about your fascinating garden.

Quick question -- Understanding that each season of the garden is gorgeous yet different, when would you say, in your opinion, your garden is at its most alluring form?

Dodecatheon always sounds like an Olympic Games event, no?
Betty... not even close; it's May, when the azaleas are blooming, the Japanese maples are in full spring foliage, and there are a hundred shades of green.

Jenn... or a Greek temple.
LOL Don. They are lovely flowers! I think they look like butterflies ... :)
olivia... they do, don't they? I'm quite taken with the different species (though I suppose we can only grow about half the species here, as some are true alpines.

I assume you know about the display at Rochester cemetery. That is certainly the shooting star center at least in Iowa.
Philip... I do know about it, but just haven't gotten myself over there to see it. My last house had several acres of land near Waterloo, and had meadows of shooting stars (as well as showy orchis, ten point phlox, pasque flowers, hoary puccoon, and a bunch of other interesting wildflowers).
Something more to be found in your gardens that appeal as items I should also have!
You have a nice selection of shooting stars. I planted the common Dodecatheon meadia which has reliably bloomed for 5 years. Though the plant has increased in size it doesn't seem to produce more than a couple of flower stalks. But I love the dainty flowers of this ephemeral.
Shady & Ki... certainly the common eastern shooting star (meadia) is the easiest, but there are several other species that aren't too bad at all. A lot of them are really alpines, so don't like our hot summers at all.
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