Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Garden Estrangement

While Iowa has never allowed that elusive goal of year-around gardening, it is a rare year that doesn't see me at least puttering around out in our woodland garden in all seasons and months. This year is an exception; I don't believe I've set foot out there for a month (of course half of that time I was slurping down margaritas in a cantina on the beach in Zihuatanejo). At any rate, I presently could not even enter the garden if I wanted to, as the gates are all sealed shut by ice and snow. This has led to an odd feeling of estrangement from what I vaguely recall as a pretty nice flower garden; I can't even at present work up any enthusiasm over looking through the piles of flower catalogues that arrived while we were gone.
But, March is on our doorstep; soon foolish robins will be floundering about in the snow, wondering where the worms went; the snow will then eventually melt, the snowdrops will rise from the cold, dark earth like so many little ghosts... and spring will be upon us.
We must therefore have faith... though an extra week in Mexico would have helped, too.

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Don, I expect some Zihua pics. I was sick in bed this week and saw Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel was in Zihua, and it made me feel better. So, get on making us both feel better and warmer, please.

Iowa just keeps getting slammed with snow! Every week in Lincoln the forecasters say something like "Just to the east they are expecting 6 inches, here just a dusting, thankfully." But March is the snowiest month, so I hold out more hope for April.

Hope your trip was terrific!
At least you have the week and the lovely photos, Don... it does look like you've been slammed this winter.

The disconnect happens the other way too - we were so glad to leave our indoor life in sweltering Austin for a week in Seattle at the beginning of August... had so much fun but it was not fun to go back home.

Hope your robins will be cheering you up soon.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
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