Thursday, February 07, 2008

Feeding Frenzy

Morning is like feeding time at the zoo here; first our two cats must be fed... they usually wake us up as the sun just peeps over the horizon, by repeatedly jumping up on the bed, and then jumping off with a loud "THUMP"! Then the goldfish that spend the winter in a tank in the greenhouse need to be fed. By that time several deer are peering into the house to see if everybody died or if somebody is EVER going to bring out some corn (I don't normally feed the deer, but this is not a normal winter). Feeding the deer also takes care of the local squirrels, who spend most of the rest of the day puzzling out how to get up on our birdfeeders; the birdfeeders in question of course need to be filled. Finally, it's time for peanut butter toast and a glass of V8 to feed the hungry gardener/zookeeper... and so the day begins.
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You folks are so damn sweet.

Your deer look well for their rations. Good on you for helping out. (esp in the face of next year's raids!)
Jenn... Yah, they'll seem less cute when they're munching my hostas.
And that's exactly what I was going to say! :-) Feeding the deer means they'll be back next Spring... then what will you do? I'd be tempted to feed them Much further away from the house!

Have you heard of a Yankee Flipper? That was a Christmas present from one of our kids. Check it out on YouTube. So far the squirrels haven't yet discovered it. (I've seen squirrels rarely this Winter, as they seem to only come out when it's warmer.)(!)
Shady... I've seen pictures of the Flipper. The squirrels around here aren't a real athletic bunch; I saw one fall out of a tree a few weeks ago.
Nice pictures, and the animals are nice to when they are outside the garden, special the roe dear ;)
Piondrom...I have a fence around the entire one acre garden. everything outside the fence is deer food.
Wow - you have more squirrels than I do! (Mine are definitely acrobatic.) They do look cute all lined up like that.
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