Friday, January 25, 2008

Stumping The Garden Expert...

When taking guests on tours of our garden, there's nothing like a round of "Guess The Genus". I've stumped more than one experienced gardener with this one... if you guessed the genus rheum, a decorative rhubarb, give yourself five points!
In the second picture, it's just unfolding its leaves. It gets to be borderline huge, looking almost like a gunnera.

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Wow! I've never, ever heard of that plant (like I'm an expert - ha!). And it's wonderful! (Where in the world did you find it?) Does it require a good amount of sun, as does real rhubarb?
Shady... I think I got it from the original Heronswood, but I see them offered at other nurseries. Ace Of Hearts is a well-known cultivar. They need full sun, and with such huge leaves, need to be fertilized and aren't keen on getting too dry. It gets huge and takes up a LOT of space (the picture at top was taken when it was just getting going in spring.
If I had just seen the first picture, I would have said Gunnera, but in the second picture it looks more like culinary rhubarb when it is first emerging in spring.
Kathy... I just love this plant when it's first unfolding its leaves.
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