Thursday, January 24, 2008

Planting Shrubs And Trees: Quit While You're Ahead...

You know how it goes; first you plant a couple of Japanese maples next to each other; one a deep red, and the other a bright, almost brick red... very nice. Then in front of those you plant a bright pink azalea... even nicer. Then in the middle you plant a chartreuse arborvitae... eeek!
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I bet it looks great as soon as the azalea has finished blooming.The forms of the plants seem to fit well. ;)
Corinna... it does look better then, but still I wish I'd planted something like a dwarf blue spruce in place of the arborvitae.
Hey I couldnt Find you e-mail addy on you site, so I figured Id just psot it here..... All those flowers are making me miss summer even more... Iowa winters are FTL.

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