Saturday, January 26, 2008

Overgrown Garden Pathways

While I made some good progress this last year in cleaning up and clearing up some of my overgrown garden paths, there are a number that probably won't be changed... and that's not all bad.

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You have a beautiful garden, al that grownup bushies.
We only have make our garden for about 10 yaers. I yearn to that time when we get a grownup garden,
particular trees and bushies.
Regards Ken from Sweden
Not bad at all!!
Is a day enough to stroll around your garden in any season, especially in spring?
Ken... My garden is only about 12 years old, so you'll be struggling through a jungle before you know it.

dl... If you really want to look at everything, it takes a while, because there are thousands of little plants that you have to get down to really look at.

Is that Cornus alternifolia 'Golden Shadows"? It's beautiful. I guess regular maintence of the paths is the key to keeping them passable, yet still not looking stark. Yours are lovely.
MMD... it looks like Golden Shadows, but it's Cornus florida Cherokee Sunset; a real beauty!
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